Weigh Tape
Coburn Co, Inc.

Use weigh tape to compare weight with averages, compute feed averages, calculate drug dosages, determine times for market, breeding, etc. Made of rip-stop Tyvek. Complete instructions printed on each tape.

Place tape around animal at the heart girth just behind the front legs. Take up the slack but do not tighten excessively. Read weight estimation on the scale.

Horse/Pony Tape: Min weight 82 lbs, max weight 1321 lbs. Will also measure height up to 20 hands.

Beef Cattle Tape: Min weight 96 lbs, max weight 1618 lbs. Tape is 108 inches long.

Dairy Cow Tape: Holstein: Min weight 82 lbs, max weight 1975 lbs. Guernsey: Min weight 69 lbs, max weight 1225 lbs. Jersey: Min weight 57 lbs, max weight 1130 lbs. Tape is 108 inches long.

Hog Tape: Measure both girth and length to find weight. Min weight 100 lbs, max weight 270 lbs. Tape is 60 inches long.

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