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Amazing Graze
Amazing Graze Inc.

This new product was designed for people who appreciate horses enough to give back the recreation and nutritional value lost when man removed horses from their natural grazing fields to spend all day in fenced paddocks and stalls. While playing with the Amazing Graze, the horses are in their natural grazing position, which veterinarians agree benefits as a great warm-up for conditioning the horses back, provides hours of stimulation, and aids in relieving respiratory congestion.

The Amazing Graze is made with shock-resistant plastic of shape and wall thickness designed with full consideration given to size, weight, strength and behavioral patterns of horses.

The shape of the Amazing Graze is unique, safe and extremely functional. Description as follows:

  1. Domed larger side: Keeps it from standing on end, and adds space for treats inside canister. 
  2. Different size elevating wheels: Holds treat canister and dispensing hole off of the ground, which prevents contamination of treats inside canister from any ground matter; creates a natural pitch so that all treats, by use of gravity , will eventually slide down to dispensing hole; naturally circles around the horse, which minimizes the area necessary for its use while also reducing the chance of being pushed out of the paddock. (Amazing Graze is large enough that it will not fit under most bottom fence rails.) 
  3. Treat Dispensing Hole: Accommodates all types of treats (cubed apples and carrots, hay cubes, home-baked treats, and almost all existing treats on the market), even treats large enough for the horse to appreciate. 
  4. Durable 6" threaded access: Easy to open and close, large enough opening to fill with ease, and large enough for hand, sponge or brush for easy cleaning.

Measurements: 19" tall, top wheel is 15" across, bottom wheel is 11 1/2" across, threaded opening is 6" across.

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