All-In-One Lamb and Goat Castrator/Docker
Batchler Manufacturing Co.

Castrator, Docker and Ear marker for lambs and kid goats. Made of aluminum alloy-weighs less than 1 pound. Fits your hand like a pair of pliers. Easy to carry-only 10 inches long. The fine steel blades are removable for sharpening or replacing. Reduces loss of blood to a minimum. It's humane, quick, easy, positive, sanitary, economical-no extra supplies to buy. Will castrate, dock and earmark. Three instruments all-in-one. Any other instrument or your teeth not needed-it has it's own teeth. No second round up of your lambs necessary. One time does the entire job. Your lambs will heal quicker and better than by any other method. Saves you money because it saves you time and animals. Can be placed into disinfecting fluid as often as desired. Has been praised since 1933 by thousands of users. Its world-wide acceptance proves its worth. The most practical castrator, docker and ear marker on the market-simple and sure.

Directions For Use:
The All-In-One as a Castrator: Hold the instrument in one hand, and with the other hold the scrotum (bag), and cut off the end of the bag. With one hand against the body of the lamb, push the cut bag back and expose the testicles. With the teeth in the end of the instrument, catch hold of end of the testicle and pull as you would with your fingers.

The All-In-One For Docking: Grasp the tail with one hand, pinch the skin towards the lamb's body, and cut off the tail.

The All-In-One as an Ear Marker: Have helper hold animal and make the mark you desire.

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