Lone Wolf Gate Latch
A new universal latch design

Easily attaches to:
--Tube and Mesh Gate (up to 1 5/8”)
--Panel Gates
--Cyclone Fencing
--Wood Gates

Mounting hardware included for most applications.

Our Electrophoretic Painting Process gives years of corrosion free service.

Simple           Secure           Versatile        Reliable

Special Features

  • Corrosion resistant painting, stainless steel spring and lubrication will provide years of trouble free service.
  • Unique locking feature prevents accidental opening.
  • Pre-loaded spring design assures secure fastening.
  • Simple to open on foot or horseback.
  • Padlock feature for added security.
  • Designed to provide up to (3 in.) gate-to-post clearance.
  • Attaches easily to most gates and doors.

Attaches to most Gates and Doors on:
Farms            Barns & Sheds
Ranches        Trailers
Backyards     Gardens
Nurseries       Virtually Anywhere


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