Samurai Show Pig Soap

Sullivan Supply


Sullivan’s Samurai Show Pig Soap™ is formulated with coconut and other Botanical (green) ingredients which naturally enrich skin color and leave the hair soft with a natural shine to make your animal pop in the show ring.  Gentle on hair and skin, this all natural botanical based soap was created for show pig hides.

  • Contains coconut nutrients and Botanical (Green) formulation
  • Naturally Enriches Skin Color, Leaves hair Soft with a Shine
  • Gentle on Hair & Skin
  • Created for Show Pig Hides


DIRECTIONS:  Wet entire animal then apply liberal amounts of Sullivan’s Samurai Show Pig Soap™ on skin and hair.  Lather and gently massage into skin with brush.  Rinse thoroughly.


Sullivan’s Samurai Show Pig Soap™ may also be used to presoak animal for deeper clean.  Wet entire animal, apply liberal amounts of soap and create lather by gently massaging skin.  Let soak for 5 – 10 mins.  Rinse thoroughly.


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