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Busting 5 Myths About Heartworm Disease

5 Myths of Heartworm Disease

Protect your pet before it’s too late. Transmitted by mosquitoes, heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease affecting a number of mammals, including cats, dogs, ferrets and even humans. The disease carries a variety of symptoms ranging from mild coughing to sudden collapse or cardiac arrest.

With the ultimate cost of heartworm disease being your pet’s life, be aware of these five myths to ensure your furry friend receives the best protection possible.

  1. Heartworm prevention isn’t worth the expense.
  2. Heartworm preventatives can cost a pet owner an average of $10 per month, compared to heartworm treatment, which can cost more than $1,000 or the priceless cost of your pet’s life. Although monthly heartworm preventatives offer nearly 100 percent efficacy and protection from this deadly disease, only one in four pet owners give heartworm medication.

  3. Only dogs contract heartworm disease.
  4. The disease affects a number of mammals, including cats. Even indoor cats require heartworm prevention. Of cats diagnosed with heartworm disease, 25 percent are indoor-only cats.

  5. Dogs on heartworm preventatives do not need an annual heartworm test.
  6. Hat’s off for protecting your pup, but make sure he never misses an annual heartworm test! Even if his heartworm medications were skipped just a few months, the risk for disease is real. Early identification results in the best chances for treatment and recovery.

  7. Heartworms are only transmitted in the summertime.
  8. Heartworm risk remains throughout the year. Mosquitoes will shelter from the colder months indoors or other protected areas.

  9. Dogs catch heartworms from other dogs.
  10. A common misconception is that dogs catch heartworms from other dogs, as well as if a dog is in his own yard, away from contact with others, he is at no risk for heartworms. Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes and in just one heartworm-positive pet’s kennel, seven of 10 mosquitoes within it are carrying heartworm.

Is your pet protected from deadly heartworm disease risk? With an easy-to-administer monthly heartworm preventative, you could save his life.

Data included above provided by American Heartworm Society

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