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Celebrating Mother's Day and May Beef Month

Watch this video as Valley Vet Supply Category Manager, Jacki Zabokrtsky, details the significance of being a show mom, as well as what May Beef Month means to her family -- a family of farmers and ranchers spanning more than four generations.

As Valley Vet Supply celebrates Mother’s Day and May Beef Month, a spotlight is shined on Category Manager, Jacki Zabokrtsky. Jacki wears several hats, as Valley Vet Supply category manager, third-generation farmer, cattle producer and most importantly -- mom.

“I was raised on a farm my entire life, where we raised cattle and crops,” Jacki said. “After we were married, my husband and I purchased our farm from my grandparents. Our kids are the fourth generation to live here. We raise cow/calf pairs, and our kids have purchased registered stock throughout their 4-H showing career, which are artificially inseminated for show prospects for the next year.”

The close-knit family takes pride in raising cattle, learning from one another and enjoying the family time the agricultural industry provides to them. With unwavering compassion and years of beef industry experience, Jacki’s children look to her guidance.

“To me, Mother’s Day is the recognition that all mothers deserve,” said son and fourth generation farmer-cattleman, Tray Zabokrtsky. “It’s a special day to recognize all they have done for us. I’ve learned a lot from my mother regarding cattle since she has so much experience. If there’s something I don’t know how to do, she more than likely knows how, and she is very willing to teach and help me.”

May Beef Month is significant to Jacki and her family -- a family of farmers and ranchers spanning more than four generations.

“May Beef Month is a great time to recognize the producers in the cattle industry,” Jacki said. “They are there 365 days a year to ensure their cattle are safe and to ensure their health. The month of May recognizes those people. This is a great time to say ‘thank you’ to all the beef producers across the country.”

Hear more of the Zabokrtsky family’s story and their dedication to the beef industry in this video.

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