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Q&A with Wintec Saddles

Ensure saddle fit for horse-and-rider comfort, with saddle fitting advice from Wintec

Can you imagine spending less time cleaning tack and more time riding and bonding with your horse? Equestrians are you ever in luck, because Wintec saddles allow you to do just that. Learn how to easily clean your Wintec saddle (a damp wash cloth and soap are all you need!) and so much more in this video with Dee Woodward of Saddlery Brands International.

How do you change the gullet on a Wintec saddle?

Changing the gullet on your Wintec saddle is simple, allowing you to ride the same saddle on many different horses. All you’ll need is a Philips Head No. 3 screwdriver, your EASY-CHANGE Locating Tool, and your EASY-CHANGE Gullet Kit. Then, follow the steps in this in-depth article with pictures to easily change the gullet of your English saddle from Wintec.

Does the CAIR cushion pad hold up well?

Yes. Wintec sees less than 1% failure in the CAIR Cushion System. The revolutionary CAIR Cushion System replaces the traditional fillings in your saddle panel with air. By being compacted with air, instead of traditionally flocked and stuffed panels, your saddle will constantly adapt to your horse’s working muscles. Additionally, your weight will be distributed evenly across the entire length of the cushion, virtually eliminating pressure points. Wintec has a two-year warranty on faulty materials or workmanship.

Does Wintec only offer English saddles?

Wintec offers saddles for a variety of disciplines such as dressage saddles, all purpose English saddles and more, including a Pro Stock Saddle, which is designed as more of a Western style saddle but with a hint of English flair.

Are the saddles scratch resistant?

Ready for miles on rugged terrain or for use in your busy lesson program, Wintec saddles are scratch and wear resistant.

What is the life expectancy of Wintec cushions?

Generally, you should not have any problems for 10 or more years.

How do you clean a Wintec saddle?

You can take a little diluted soap and water to clean your Wintec.  If you have been in the ocean with your saddle, you will need to make sure to get all the salt off of it. Once hosed down, lay your saddle out to dry but make sure it is not in direct sunlight.

Is the Velcro replaceable on the flexi-block system?

The Velcro, itself, is on the saddle; however, the flexi-blocks can be replaced.

Does the elastic in the girth stretch out or hold up?

The elastic in the girths are internal, and therefore less likely to be stretched out.

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