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Raising and Showing Sheep? Watch These 3 Helpful How-to Videos

Sheep Showing

Brother-sister duo and co-founders of Abeldt Quality Show Lambs in Kansas -- Allison and Brandon -- sit across from us at their family’s dining room table. Together, they share the story of building their show lamb business.

Their quality flock, which consists of 15 ewes and one buck, is the result of Allison and Brandon’s own hard work and money. Their savings from birthdays, Christmas and county fair winnings were used to purchase each lamb, carefully selected to further genetics.

“We got started in the show lamb business in 2015,” Allison said. “We bought two ewes that year. I know that some lambs can be very high priced. We decided to start a business where we would have quality lambs that were a little less expensive.”

They sell lambs directly to other 4Hers and FFA members, hoping to grow the interest in the sheep project, with the intent to keep prices affordable, while also offering quality genetics.

Allison and Brandon share goals of increasing interest in showing sheep, as well as helping teach other youth how to care for them. With those goals in mind, the two couldn’t wait to walk us through best practices to care for and show¬†sheep.

From prepping for shearing to standing out in the show ring, watch these three videos for first-hand insights you won’t want to miss.

Helpful tips on how to prep your show lamb before shearing.

Learn how to properly shear your show lamb.

Tips for setting up your show lamb in the arena.


Find essentials needed for your sheep, from vaccines and dewormers to grooming must-haves and more, here.

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