Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel for Cats

by Tomlyn

Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel for Cats is used for the elimination and prevention of hairballs. Gentle and easy to use gel formula acts as a lubricant. Administer orally. Laxatone is formulated in tasty flavors that appeal to cats.

Item: 37860 Color/Style: Catnip Size: 4.25 oz $6.99
Item: 15671 Color/Style: Natural Size: 4.25 oz $7.95
Item: 14160 Color/Style: Original Size: 2.5 oz $5.09
Item: 37858 Color/Style: Original Size: 4.25 oz $7.29
Item: 37859 Color/Style: Tuna Size: 4.25 oz $7.29


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