Oxy-Gen 2X

by Oxy-Gen

Oxy-Gen 2X is formulated to get your animals into top condition fast! Contains twice the original Oxy-Gen formula of Octacosanol, a compound primarily found in wheat germ that is used to improve respiratory function, which in turn increases stamina and helps build muscle mass. Oxy-Gen 2x is for situations where a quick response is needed in a short period of time, when the animal is under extreme stress, or when a little more response is desired for show or sale. Formulated specifically for palatability and pellet quality. Oxy-Gen 2X is hand-screened to remove dust and fines, so it will not contribute to respiratory problems. Oxy-Gen 2X does not contain high levels of vitamins or minerals so it won't interfere with or tie up important nutrients in the diet, making it a perfect complement to any feeding program. You can count on Oxy-Gen 2X to deliver fast results in cattle, lambs, goats, swine and horses. Feed 3 oz. daily. Pellets.

Item: 26103 Size: 11.25 lb (60 days) $94.00 Shipping: 12 lbs


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