MiraFount Model 3390 44 Gallon Livestock Waterer

by Miraco

* Capacity for 150 beef cattle, 60 dairy cattle
* 2 - 10" openings with patented roll-away ball closures
* Measures 43" x 29" x 20"
* Drinking height 20"
* Split top end panels allow you to easily remove top end panels to help get new cattle started fast. Or, remove the panels when you need more capacity for a few extra head
* Polyethylene construction
* No sharp edges
* Tough, high-impact resistant “Rockite” material
* Durability to stand up to livestock abuse
* Resistant to corrosion
* Extra insulation above the valve area
* Removable dome for quick and easy access to valve area
* 2” to 3” urethane insulation
* Molded base unit anchors (stainless steel anchor bolts included)
* Sealed and sloped bottoms for easier cleaning
* 5-year warranty

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