Devour It Appetite Enhancer

Sullivan Supply, Inc


Garlic and Cinnamon Extract with B12


Getting your animal to the condition you want can be a stressful situation when they are sluggish eaters or simply will not eat. With Sullivan’s Devour It, let worrying about consumption be a thing of the past. Devour It is specifically formulated to enhance appetite and get your animal on track. The all-natural ingredients in Devour It includes natural oil extracts form garlic and cinnamon with B12. These natural oils change the microbial community in the rumen, increasing the availability of peptides and amino acids, which stimulate the growth of important rumen bacteria, this results in rumen efficiency, reduces incidence of bloat and increases gains. Devour It also contains Vitamin B12, resulting in boosted energy levels to combat fatigue and sluggishness during times of stress.



Crude Protein (min)


Potassium (min)


Zinc (min)

600 PPM

Copper (min)

150 PPM

Selenium (min)

35 PPM


187.5 mcgr/lb

Calcium (min)


Calcium (max)


Phosphorus (min)


Magnesium (min)


Manganese (min)

300 PPM

Ingredients: Distillers grain fermentation solubes, soybean, calcium carbonate, cinnamaldehyde, garlic oil, magnesium amino acid complex, potassium chelate*, sodium calcium alunminosilicate, whole canola seed, whole flax seed, field peas, died brewers yeast, selenium yeast, mineral oil, natural and artificial colors and flavors.


FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Feed 1oz per head per day top-dress. Feed every day to keep your animals appetite active. If your animal is off feed use Sullivan’s Show Road Appetite Express + paste in conjunction with Devour It to replenish the good bacteria in the rumen allowing your animal to get back on track faster. 190 Day Supply.


DISCLAIMER: The directions for the use of this product are believed to be reliable and should be followed carefully. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risk inherently associated with the use of this product. In no case shall Sullivan Supply or the seller be liable for consequential, special or indirect damages resulting from the use or handling of this product.

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