New Dog-Owner Checklist

Planning to add a new dog or puppy to your family? It's an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, time in most homes. Let us help make the transition easier. Use our checklist to ensure that you have everything you need for a healthy, happy, safe and content dog.

____ Dog Collar ____ Calming Agents
____ Dog Leash ____ Waste Management
____ Toys ____ Bed
Dog Treats ____ Dog Treats Wormer ____ Wormer
Dog Chews & Rawhide ____ Dog Chews & Rawhide Dog Shampoo ____ Dog Shampoo
Dental Bones ____ Dental Bones Dog Brush ____ Dog Brush
Dog Supplements ____ Supplements Pet Prescriptions ____ Prescriptions
Dog Food & Water Bowls ____ Dog Bowl Flea & Tick Control ____ Flea & Tick Control
  ____ Dog Vaccines

For assistance vaccinating your dog at home, refer to our canine vaccination schedule and administration tips.

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