Vitaferm Sure Champ Pig Pellets

by Biozyme

VitaFerm Sure Champ Pig Pellets provide the correct balance of necessary vitamins and minerals to drive optimized growth and performance potential. With Amaferm to significantly increase the digestibility of fiber, releasing greater amounts of energy and microbial protein to drive animal growth and health. A highly palatable, natural 25% protein supplement fully fortified with vitamins, minerals, and organic trace minerals. VitaFerm Sure Champ Pig Pellets provide a highly fortified combination of essential nutrients for high performance show pigs to optimize health, genetic potential, and bloom. Feeding directions: pigs 50 -100 lbs. feed 4 oz. daily; 100-200 lbs. feed 6 oz. daily; 200 lbs. to market weight feed 8 oz. daily. Top dress over ration or mix in complete ration.

Item: 35200 Size: 25 lb (50 - 100 days) $34.95 Shipping: 27 lbs


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